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Recent and upcoming conference presentations

Recent and upcoming conference presentations

D’Souza A & Bonin RP (2016). Long-Term Facilitation in the Spinal Cord Dorsal Horn: An In Vitro Model of Pathological Pain  Processing. Pharmacy Undergraduate Studentship Research Rounds.

Patel I, D’Souza A, Lecker I, Dubins D & Bonin RP (2016). Hanging behavior in mice is a sensitive marker of animal welfare. Pharmacy Undergraduate Studentship Research Rounds.

Bonin RP (2016). Modulation of pain processing by socially-relevant gentle touch. Can. Pain Soc. Conference in Vancouver, B.C.

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D’Souza A, Lecker I, Dubins D & Bonin RP (2016). Hanging behavior in mice is a sensitive marker of animal welfare. Graduate Research in Pharmacy.

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